The Project


NewMediaFest – interventions in new media art – is representing the festival department of The New Museum of Networked Art

In 2007, NewMediaFest realised the first networked festival – NewMediaFest’2007 – featuring media art programs by CologneOFF – Cologne International Videoart Festival, JavaMuseum, VideoChannel, SoundLAB and Cinematheque (streaming media) – in an exchange between virtual and physical space, eg. a common interface online and the presentation in physical space using the interface as a event navigation via Internet connection. Adressed to the online user, as well as the physical exhibition visitor – equalizing virtual and physixal space.

NewMediaFest’2007 was a field of experimenting on curating this integration and sharing new concepts in activating the audience, eg. changing the behavior of the audience from passively consuming to the actively intevening.

Now in 2016 – nearly 10 years later, NewMediaFest’2007 is suffering from an general phenomen in Internet, eg. the dead link. While many media component are hosted by NewMediaFest, the netart pieces don’t. Some of the linked featured artworks have been either taken from the net or changed the original URL, eg. are eventually not available oany longer under the original URL. In such cases it is up to the user to reseach in case of interest and become additionally active this way.

While the historical interface of NewMediaFest’2007 remained in the original state, the fest received a new contemporary entrance area.