is the 1st common festival of [NewMediaArt ProjectNetwork]:||cologne
the experimental platform for art and NewMedia
incorporating the latest project developements and competitions by

CologneOFF – Cologne Online Film Festival
JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
VideoChannel – curatorial platform for audio-visual media
SoundLAB – sonic art project environments
Cinematheque – streaming media project environments

is completely located online, but becomes a physical festival via cooperations,
the launch of the festival online is also the launch offline in cooperation with

3rd Intern. Digital Art Festival Rosario/Argentina – 15, 16, 17 November 2007
FONLAD Digital Art Festival Coimbra/Portugal – 1-30 November 2007
VIP Gallery Belgrade/Serbia – 19 November 2007
CeC & CaC – India Intern. Centre New Dehli/India 11-13 February 2008
VideoSalon 3- CC André Malraux Sarajevo/Bosnia – 7-21 February 2008
DIGITAL MEDIA Valencia/Spain – 17 April – 10 May 2008

is a free cultural production powered by
[NewMediaArt ProjectNetwork]:||cologne
produced, directed and curated by
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Festival conception and interface design, organisation and coordination
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Thanks to

Gabriel Otero, International Digital Art Festival Rosario/Argentina
Elena Giulia Rossi,, independent curator Rome/Italy
Rúben García, curator of Observatori festival Valencia/Spain
Julian Jonker, independent curator Capetown/ South Africa
José Vieira, director FONLAD Digital Art Festival Coimbra/Pt
Pierre Courtin, CC Francais André Malrauy Sarajevo/Bosnia
Yarina Butkovska, curator for VideoChannel Lviv/Ukraine
Ima Pico, Toni Calderon La Sala Naranja Valencia/Spain

further all artists, who made this extraordinary cultural event possible.

copyright © 2007-2016 All rights reserved.
All incorporated and associated artworks © by the artists or owners.